Using a process developed by us, GiV Leipzig GmbH is able to recycle depressurized acetylene and DMF cylinders in a way which is 100% environmentally safe. This recovery process offers companies who need to dispose smaller or larger amounts of Acetylene or DMF cylinders the at this point of time highest possible environmental standards and complies with the newest EU directives. 

It is unique that the steel hull as well as all content material are fully recycled. The content material is treated using a physico-chemical process, during which any possible residual asbestos is rendered harmless. The content material remaining from this process is reused for industrial purposes. The steel hull is sent to the steel mill to be returned into the steel production cycle.


  • The Acetylene or DMF cylinders are processed in a fully automated plant under negative pressure.
  • The cylinders are transported into the hermetically sealed plant by an automatic lifting devise. 
  • The cylinders are picked up and sawn in half. The contents are extracted by a press and emptied into a Big Bag. This Big Bag is closed automatically and disposed of for further recycling. 
  • The steel cylinder is cleansed with a washing process and sealed in an immersion bath using a special coating. 
  • The steel is recycled in a steel mill 
  • The content material (Kieselgur) is recycled 
  • A biological air cleansing system purifies the air exhausted from the plant to avoid any damage to the environment.